Production management and tracking. All in one.

Mula helps you get your projects done under budget and on time. From film, to TV, to socials.
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Built for the busy producer.

Mula is the industry’s most seamless production management solution. We enable teams of all sizes, from every corner of entertainment.

Invoice and Project Tracking

Easily track the who, what, & when of your earnings. With Mula, never worry about keeping tabs again. Easily keep track of your fair share. 🙌

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Quick Pay

Your money is your money. Request advanced payouts in just a couple taps, removing delays.

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Corporate Card

Control your spend globally with unlimited cards, smart policies, and full visibility.

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Spin up invoices within 30 seconds on platform to make keeping tabs easy.

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Document Hosting

Host your important documents for projects within your project home, ensuring no important notes or contracts are lost.

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Squad Building

Auto split payments with contractors, making payment disputes a thing of the past.

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Build rep as someone who delivers on-time and under-budget.

Mula's 20 second workflows enable producers and creatives alike to get away from the admin work and back to the productions.

Forecast your all your projects' cash flows.

Tracking all income and expenses in one single location.
Know your cash flow performance at a simple glance.
Forecast Project & Production Earnings
Simple Expense Analysis
Categorize Expenses by Project
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Dashboard mockup

Invite collaborators to productions

Historically track who helped on which projects.
Automatically split net earnings as directed.

Auto send 1099's on your behalf

Week to week tax demons are a thing of the past.
Documentation is sent along with your split payments.

Categorize expenses by project for taxes

With Mula, track all expenses made to get your productions over the finish line. Have them all set for the next tax season.

The world's fastest and easiest way to manage teams and productions.

Coordinate your team, organize production, and bring your creative vision to life with ease.

Reduce Organizational Hassles

Keep teams on track via on-platform chat and payments.

Accelerate Project Launches

Track your engagements in one place to rally your team faster.
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