Advanced Pay Ends the Waiting Game.

Tired of the wait? We know how long it can take to get your money. Request advanced payouts with Mula in just a few taps!
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Get Paid A.S.A.P.

Say goodbye to 30-day payment delays. Request next-day payouts with Mula and free up your cash flow.
Speed up your income stream
Enhance financial flexibility
Get started on your next project sooner

Your Work, Your Money, Your Terms

Take the power back with Mula. Upload your work and invoice, and we’ll handle the rest.
Streamline client confirmation
Encourage faster client payment
Enhance your control over payments
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Empower Your Production Finances with Mula

Mula is the industry’s most seamless production management solution. We enable teams of all sizes, from every corner of entertainment.
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Financial Assurance for Media Producers

Mula takes the guesswork out of payments. Let us be your financial bridge between projects.
Reliable receivables
Improved project cash flow
Worry-free payment tracking
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A True Partner in Your Success

Mula believes in your work and your worth. We're here to make sure you get paid in a fair and timely manner.
Trustworthy payment process
Client liaison for prompt payment
Easy invoicing to secure payouts
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Turn Your Mula Invoices into Flexible Cash

Mula's intuitive system makes selling your invoices a breeze. Manage your money your way.
Efficient invoice processing
Near immediate access to earnings
Seamless integration into existing cash flows

Rapid Project Payouts

Eliminate the standard 30-day payment delays. Request advanced payouts with Mula, enhancing financial stability and control over your cash flows.

Your Work, Your Mula

Simplify payouts by uploading work and invoices directly to us. We handle client confirmation, streamlining your income stream.

Producer Partners

Improved cash flow for projects get you to your next production quicker. Partner with Mula to access reliable rapid payouts and improved cash flows.

Unlock Financial Independence with Mula

Join the revolution in media production payment. With Mula's Advanced Pay, your financial success is in your hands. No delays, no hassles, just your money when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Mula
How does Mula's payment system work?
Mula's payment system is facilitated through our partnership with Stripe, ensuring a secure and efficient way to manage all financial transactions within the platform.
What are the invoicing capabilities within Mula?
Mula's invoicing is managed via Stripe, offering a secure and efficient way to handle all your billing needs, from creating to sending and processing invoices.
What currencies and payment methods are supported?
Currently, Mula's invoicing feature supports USD, providing a standardized approach for all your billing and financial transactions.
Can Mula help me track 3rd-party collaborations and contractor payments?
Yes, Mula provides efficient tracking of 3rd-party collaborations and contractor payments, ensuring that all external interactions are transparent, manageable, and aligned with your project goals.
How does Mula support scalability for growing production companies?
Mula is designed to grow with your production company. We accommodate both small startups and large established companies.
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