Transform Your Production Financials

With Mula, embrace the peace of mind that comes with complete control over your income and expenses.
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Invoice with Confidence and Ease

Invoicing with Mula takes no more than 30 seconds and ensures you never lose sight of what you're owed.
Hassle-free invoicing
Optional earnings splits
Project-based expense categorization

Say Goodbye to Overdue Payments

Stay informed and on top of every payment with timely reminders and tracking.
Overdue invoice notifications
Full payment insight
Easily ping for overdue payments
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Embrace Financial Clarity with Mula.

Mula is the industry’s most seamless production management solution. We enable teams of all sizes, from every corner of entertainment.
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Know Your Financial Forecasts.

With Mula, forecast and plan with an accuracy that empowers growth.
Precise production income tracking
Detailed expense breakdown
Seamless updates to production cash flows
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Breathe Knowing What's Coming In and Going Out

Reliable and clear, Mula offers you peace of mind knowing exactly how much you are earning and expending across all of your projects.
Income transparency
Simple expense analysis
Categorize expenses by project
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To Save Money, You Must Know Where it's Going.

With Mula, managing and categorizing your project expenses becomes a breeze, allowing for effortless tracking and reporting.
Quick expense categorization
Hassle-free tracking
Streamline tax preparation

Invoice Tracking

Be notified when payments are overdue and tracks when projects have been paid in full.

Project-Based Flows

Easily monitor cash flows by project to get a detailed insight into the "who, what, where, and when" of productions.

Expense Management

Simplify the process of managing and categorizing expenses, perfect for effortless tracking and reporting.

Achieve Your Productions' True Potential

Join Mula and focus on your creativity, while we handle your financial tracking with finesse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Mula
How does Mula's platform help with expense tracking and financial reporting?
Mula's platform offers a comprehensive solution for expense tracking and financial reporting. Easily monitor every dollar spent, gain insights into your budgets and projects, and make informed financial decisions.
Can Mula help me track 3rd-party collaborations and contractor payments?
Yes, Mula provides efficient tracking of 3rd-party collaborations and contractor payments, ensuring that all external interactions are transparent, manageable, and aligned with your project goals.
How can Mula help me identify wasteful spending patterns?
Mula provides detailed insights into your spending patterns. By categorizing expenses per project, you can easily identify areas of wasteful spending, allowing for timely adjustments and more efficient financial management.
How does Mula assist in the elimination of tedious manual categorization?
With Mula, you can easily compile and assign all applicable expenses in just one place.
Can I export data from Mula for additional analysis?
Yes, Mula allows you to export data for further analysis, ensuring you have the flexibility to work with your information across different platforms.
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