Master Your Project's Finances.

Experience effortless control of production expenses with the Mula Card. Track inflows and outflows, simplify payments, and prepare for tax season, all in one place.
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Simplify Expense Tracking with Mula

Assign specific projects to each expense, keep historical records, and make tax time a breeze. Seamless expense management at your fingertips.
Streamline Tax Preparation
Simplify Payment Processes
Historical Record Keeping

Enjoy Faster Payments
with Mula

Splitting payments becomes a quick, low-fee process with the Mula Card. Receive your funds faster, with utmost security.
Fast Receivables
Lower Transaction Fees
Enhanced Business Protections
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Production business shouldn't remove you from flow state.

Mula is the industry’s most seamless production management solution. We enable teams of all sizes, from every corner of entertainment.
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Mula Card's Digital Convenience

Both physical and digital cards available, easily add to your Apple or Google Wallet. Spend, track, and manage, all from your device.
Mobile Payment Ready
Physical & Digital Handoff
Seamless Spend Tracking
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FDIC Insured Peace of Mind

With our partnership via Stripe, all Mula accounts are FDIC-insured. Rest easy with secure and safe business transactions.
Federal Security
Trusted Compliance
Protected Business Transactions
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A Producer’s Essential

Track cash flows, manage projects, reduce fees, and enjoy the ease of a debit card designed specifically for media producers.
Project-Specific Expense Tracking
Timely Money Management
Designed for Producers

Faster Pay. Lower Fees.

Enable quick payment splitting with lower transaction fees, enhancing the speed and efficiency of receivables.

Digital Convenience.

Access seamless spending, tracking, and management from various devices with Apple or Google Wallet integrations.

FDIC-Insured Security.

Protect what matters through FDIC-insured accounts and transactions in partnership with Stripe.

Unlock Your Production’s Potential

Embrace the power of financial management tailored to your production needs.
Join Mula today and take command of your projects' success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a some of the most common questions we get about Mula
Can I link the debit card to my mobile wallet?
Yes, your card can be linked to mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, providing you with a convenient way to make purchases from your smartphone.
What security measures are in place to protect me?
All accounts are backed by Stripe Treasury. Stripe Treasury is built in partnership with a network of banks, including Goldman Sachs and Evolve Bank & Trust.
Is there a way to set up alerts for suspicious activity?
Yes, you can easily set up alerts for any suspicious or unusual activity on your debit card. This proactive feature helps you stay informed about your card.
How do I set up deposits or automatic payments?
Direct deposits or automatic payments with this card can be set up via your online card management portal.
How does Mula's payment system work?
Mula's payment system is facilitated through with Stripe, ensuring a secure and efficient way to manage all financial transactions within the platform.
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